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We supply and Install camera systems, both IP and Analog with a NDVRs to suit your requirements.
Historically we installed IP camera solutions at the early part of the century to monitor industrial production lines, “screen popped” to the relevant industrial control PCs.


Technology improvements and popularisation has allowed the high quality video to be affordable by the “man in the street” and we no longer have custom write scripts for the images to be seen across multiple platforms.



We stock various cameras and recorders (NVR/DVR) but one product that we like to use is Wisenet Wave (formerly Qulu). Endlessly customise the IP Video Management platform to create tailored networked video solutions for any type of project, for use by anyone, on any device. The software is installed onto a PC that we build to match the project’s requirements.



The NDVR can be in the form of a Desktop PC or a Rack mounted server for your cabinet. The Client software is then installed onto the operator’s PC, allowing them to have partial or full functionality of the NDVR.


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See in action, one of our 2MP IP cameras on the Qulu software. Fantastic quality that you cannot hide from!